How to Identify Reasonable Adjustments

Small changes in the workplace can transform the productivity of any employee, but they can be a complete gamechanger for disabled people. That includes adjustments to work patterns and responsibilities, but can also include tech changes, such as having the right software, using the right screen, or simply changing the size of the font.

It's not just an an issue for the employee - every UK employer of any size must must be pro-active about making Reasonable Adjustments or face legal action. 

One size does not fit all

Everyone's needs are different, everyone's role is different, the tasks we perform every day may vary. So how do you know what solutions will work for you or your employee?

AbilityNet has worked with workplace diversity experts The Clear Company to create  Clear Talents On Demand, a free online tool that creates a personalised report that identifies Reasonable Adjustments. It's carefully tailored questions help everyone to understand the options: 

  • Employees get the help they need to perform at their best.
  • Employers get a more productive workforce, lower sickness rates and reduced risk of legal action

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